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Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for iMovie 11 - collection of tips from MacLife

The iMovie '11 Project Book - Safari book available for viewing online with advanced editing techniques

Side by Side Screen Editing - how to make this work

iMovie Drop Box - how to dump all your video clips into the drop box for importing into iMovie later

Add Your Own Subtitles - try adding subtitles to your project

Use Your Own Fonts - don't be limited by the iMovie fonts, add your own

Green Screen and Blue Screen - learn how to add green screen or blue screen footage (there is also a great video below in the Atomic Learning collection if you need the extra visual)

12 Cool Tips and Tricks - focuses on audio features, storyboarding with animatics, integrating with Facebook and more

Becoming a Video Editing Guru... - about five tips and tweaks to improve your videos

The Unofficial iMovie FAQ - check out these solutions to problems and glitches you might have in iMovie

Additional Resources

Rubric for iMovie:

Paper Slide Videos (PSV) - instructions on how to create a PSV, includes guidelines and additional resources

Paper Slide Videos - more student examples, supply list and instructions

Pecha-Kucha - provides the premise behind Pecha-Kucha and the why & how for using it in the classroom

iMovie in Teacher Education - collection of movie sample projects with descriptions created by students using iMovie

- presents 10 different ideas for using iMovie with lower level elementary students

- provides iMovie project ideas

Using iMovie on the iPad

Backgrounds and Placeholders Explained

iMovie 11 Backgrounds and Placeholders (MacMost Now 671) from MacMost on Vimeo.

Atomic Learning Video Tutorials
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