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Create and view calendars
Sharing calendars
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Adding Background Images
You do have to have a URL address for an image you want to add to your background. A few good sites for finding images include:
Flickr - you have to sign up for a free account to access photos
morgueFile - provides image URL

Type in a search for free desktop backgrounds and choose images

Notifications in relation to shared calendars
If you set a notification reminder for an event, it will show up for everyone who shares that calendar. However, they have to follow some basic rules:
Pop-ups - This type of reminder will only work if you have your Google calendars open on a web browser. It can be minimized or hidden, but it has to be open or you will never receive pop-up notifications.
Email - This reminder will send an email, but you have to check your emails throughout the day to see them.
SMS - This text message reminder only works if a mobile number has been added to the individuals personal settings. If not, they'll never receive the reminder.


Lucid Chart

Lucid Chart Tutorials

Questions & Answers

If I share a chart with my students, can I lock it so they can't work on it until I want them to?
Lucidchart is similar to Google Docs in the way you can set the sharing abilities for individual collaborators. For example, if I send a chart to Susie and Bobby, I can choose to set them as view only until I'm ready to let them edit the chart. So I can email the link out at the start of the week, but not open it for editing until the day we are ready for the assignment. The only drawback is if you have a large class, you will have to change the collaboration settings for each individual student. That is cumbersome if you have 25 students per class and seven classes throughout the day.

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