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Tips and Tricks

10 Mission Control and Launchpad Tips - Provides additional tips in tweaking your use of Mission Control and LaunchPad

Make accented characters in Lion - Hold down any letter while you are typing and a list pops up of accent options. Click on the accent that you want. This doesn't work in all applications yet, so test it out the first time you use the application.

Resize your windows from any side of the window - place your cursor over any window edge to resize it

Use Spotlight to search by file type - enter kind: and they type of file such as pdf, doc, etc.

Customize your System Preferences - uncheck items you don't want to see

Stuck in Full Screen Mode - If you get stuck in full screen mode while using an application, try pressing Command + Shift + F at the same time. This should take you out of the full screen mode.

Creating workspaces in Mission Control - use this tip to create multiple workspaces in Mission Control and then remove them when finished

Understand and Master Gestures - When you use multiple fingers on the trackpad, bizarre things happen to your computer. This link goes through all the gestures - what they do and how to use them.

Mountain Lion Tips by MacMost

"A collection of miscellaneous tips on using Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Learn how to Save As, how to move files while working on them, how to set up multiple Time Machine drives, how to tweet from the Notifications Center, how to reorder the Finder sidebar, how to easily encrypt an external drive, how to email a web pages as a PDF and how to use LaunchPad to search for and launch apps. Also, find out the truth about pinning Notes."

Additional Resources
Your Guide to What's New in Mountain Lion - From the site Make Use Of, this free guide can be downloaded as a pdf for your computer or an ePub into iBooks on your iPad.

- Keyboard shortcut cheat sheet from Make Use Of