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Tips and Tricks

10 Cool Tips and Tricks - tips from MacLife website

GarageBand '11 Tips 1 - iBook available for free through the iTunes store, you can download onto your mobile device or computer, contains step-by-step instructions for enhancing your music production experience

GarageBand Helps, Hints and Tips - blog dedicated to GarageBand, search the site for the area you are needing assistance or peruse posts for new ideas

Additional Resources

garageband tutorials - provides instructional materials and practice items for learning GarageBand basics

iLife in the Classroom - provides loads of ideas for using iTunes and GarageBand in the classroom (you do need to scroll down a little for this section)

GarageBand for iOS - instructions for getting started with GarageBand on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

- Apple user guide for getting started with GarageBand '09 (there is no user guide for '11)

- simple guide for creating podcasts in the classroom (please note that this was created with an earlier version of GarageBand - not '09)

Atomic Learning Video Tutorials
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