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District Website Training
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Sample Teacher Pages

What elements from these samples will you include on your teacher page(s)?

My Hullabaloo: Kindergarten Teacher in N Dallas (TX) - This teacher uses a blog to show what the students are working on in class. Include photos of students at work, completed projects and explanations of projects.
mrcoley.com: The Official Website of Room 34 at Tovashal Elementary School
Mr. Schrader
Mrs. Zider's First Grade...Safari Fun
Mr. Rogers' 6th Grade Classroom Home

Apps and Layout Recommendations

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Chart Legend
  • R (Recommended) - This is a preferred app and layout combination.
  • L (Some Limitations) - This app and layout may display correctly, but be sure to check and see how the actual display looks to the end-user.
  • N (Not Recommended) - This app and layout combination are not a good option.

Content Editing Tools

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Help Resources

Working with Photos

When you upload photos into a photo gallery, you have the option to adjust the look of the photo. This is basically editing software that allows you to crop, overlay, add borders & stickers, and more to your photos.